Window and Door replacements

Are your windows and doors becoming outdated and costing you more money on energy bills ? Let us help you with this by, replacing your windows or doors with new¬†energy efficient PVC windows and Steel Insulated doors. All of our windows that we install, come complete with Low ‘E’/Argon gas that helps with the heat in the summer and, the cold of winter. The doors that we install are made with 24ga. Steel and , insulated with spray foam giving the doors a higher ‘R’ value. Both windows and doors are maintenance free exterior and , interior saving you time and money with no paint. You can choose different colors for your windows and , doors can be custom painted to just about any color you would like. If your looking to just update the looks of your windows and doors, we also offer metal cladding to the exterior of the windows and doors to make them maintenance free as well.

This is the before picture of the door that needed to be upgraded to help with the cost of energy and, bring the value up a little for the home owner.

This the after picture of the replacement for the old door system. The exterior of the door and sidelites were custom painted. One Sidelite is venting to allow air movement through the house.

Interior of replacement door left as a white to compliment the entry way.

The window was cold , drafty and a danger with broken single pane glass in bottom sliding section.

This is the replacement window as of now. Has an opening Casement window on each end and, still a nice big center unit for view. Came with Low ‘E’/Argon glazing, all maintenance free interior and exterior.

This window was a replacement insert which meant , the old wood frame stayed and a new window was inserted where the old glass was. The exterior brickmould and frame were cladded with white aluminum cladding.